Karavida - family houses in Sinemorets, Bulgary
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The Karavida hotel is situated in the center of Sinemorets, but you have to know, that this is a small town. Out of season only about 200 people live there. It isn’t a noisy town; it’s quiet and calm. The nearest shop is 10 meters from Karavida hotel and the nearest restaurant -15 meters. The hotel is located halfway between two the biggest beaches of Sinemorets: northern and southern.


Sinemorets is situated at the seaside of the Black Sea, in the south of Bulgaria, about 10 km from the Turkish border. It’s at the mouth of the Weleka River and on the eastern side of the Stranja mountain chain. The archaeologists have discovered ceramic dishes from the 5th-4th century before our era there. The oldest preserved documents about the settlement date from 1498. Because of the nearness to the Turkish border, Sinemorets wasn’t accessible to tourists until 1989. Thanks to this fact, there isn’t much noise and bustle in this town, just like it is in other famous Bulgarian summer resorts. In the summertime many good restaurants are open in Sinemorets. There are also some shops, a small fair park for kids, a tennis court, a stud farm and many water attractions. In one of the restaurant you can see “Walking on burning coal” show.

The beaches of Sinemorets

There are 4 beaches available for tourists in Sinemorets and its neighborhood. All of them are at least partly guarded. The longest beach is the northern one. It’s a “double beach”, because it separates the sea from the river, that has its estuary at the end of the beach. It’s almost a wild beach. There aren’t many people on it. It takes you about 15 minutes to get to this beach from Karavida hotel, and if you want to get to the estuary, it’s about 30 minutes.
The other beach in Sinemorets (the southern one), is called Butamiata. In contrast to the northern beach, Butamiata is completely commercialized. You can play volleyball or football there, rent water equipment and eat in one of the restaurants. This is the only beach entirely guarded by lifeguards. Usually it’s a bit crowded, but it’s no problem to find a beach chair or a beach umbrella. It takes you about 15 minutes to get to Butamiata from Karavida. There is a car park by this beach, so you can get there in 3 minutes by car.
The Silistar beach is situated about 5 km southwards from Sinemorets, towards Rezowo. This beach is perfect for kids because there is a gentle descent to the water. Except for some bars and a car park, there is no civilization. To get to Silistar from Sinemorets you can go by car or even ride a bike.
The smallest beach, Lipite, is located about 2 km from Sinemorets, southwards. You can get there going on foot along the coast.

The picture below shows all Sinemorets with marked location of hotel Karavida and described above beaches.

Weleka River

Weleka river is the longest river that flows across Stranja mountains. Upstream it’s a typical mountain river, and downstream it’s lowland. The area is almost uninhabited so it’s a nature paradise. Wildlife grows there independently of people. It’s a perfect place for fishermen. There is a little harbor under the bridge over Weleka and you can enjoy beautiful sights traveling by boat.

Stranja mountains

Stranja is a mountain chain in southeastern Bulgaria and in a European part of Turkey. The highest peak is about 1000 meters high. These are low mountains. You can see there a lot of rare species of animals and plants. Many special customs connected with folklore and pagan relics have been in Stranja preserved. Thanks to its location, Sinemorets makes it possible for you to admire Stranja region using a car, a boat or just walking.

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