Karavida - family houses in Sinemorets, Bulgary
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„Karavida-2” Family House

„Karavida-2” Family House is located in the center of Sinemorets. Only 200 people live there out of the summer season. Sinemorets is a quiet and tranquil village where the crowd and noise of the big city is away. Here everything is at short distance away from “Karavida-2” Family Fouse: the closest food store is 10 meters away and the closest restaurant is 15 meters away. „Karavida-2” Family House is located in the middle between the two biggest beaches of Sinemorets: the North beach with the Veleka River outflow and the South beach „Butamya”. The distance from „Karavida-2” Family House to these beaches takes 15 min on foot or 3 min by car.


Sinemorets is situated at our South Black Sea Coast at about 10 km away from the Bulgarian-Turkish border. It is located near the Veleka River outflow and in the east part of Starndzha Mountain. The human presence in the region of Sinemorets is dated back to the antiquity. Evidence of that are the discovered Thracian tumulus and fortified ruler’s house. During the excavations was found golden treasure from the end of III c BC containing 160 objects, as well as monetary treasure dated back to the second half of II c BC. At under-water examinations in Silistar Bay and Butamya Bay were found ceramic fragments dated from V-IV c BC to XIX c AD. Many lead and iron anchors and remains of sunken ships were drawn out of the water.
After the Liberation of Bulgaria, Sinemorets (at that time “Kalandzha”), still remains within the borders of the Ottoman Empire. It finally got into the territory of Bulgaria after the Balkan War of 1913. After 1944 Sinemorets got into the border area and was inaccessible for tourists till 1990. Thanks to this fact it remained a peculiar “island” of silence and tranquility at our Black Sea Coast. In the recent years Sinemorets has turned into a most preferable summer destination for many Bulgarians and foreigners. Besides the silence and tranquility, they are attracted by the unique beauty of the nature and combination at one and the same place of sea, river and mountain.

Beaches of Sinemorets

There are 5 beaches accessible for tourists in Sinemorets and its vicinity. These are the North beach with the Veleka river outflow, „Butamya”, „Lipite”, „Listi” and „Silistar”. All beaches are guarded except for „Listi”.
The North beach is a long sand strip dividing the sea from the Veleka River which infuses into it at the end of the beach. Here can be seen a rock formation in the shape of sphinx.
Other beach in Sinemorets is the South beach called “Butamya”. This name comes from the Greek word “potamos” - river. In contrast to the North beach, "Butamya" is commercialized. You can use water entertainments there or have a snack at the beach pubs. At the end of the beach is a small river which is a favorite place for the children to play there.
„Lipite” beach is located 2 km to the south of Sinemorets. You can go there on foot following a scenic path along the sea. „Lipite” is a heavenly place surrounded by forest. It is an isolated beach and there are no pubs or bars.
„Listi” beach is located at about 30 min on foot after „Lipite” beach. You can also go there walking on a scenic path along the sea. It is wild and isolated beach and you feel like you are on a solitary island there.
"Silistar" beach is situated 5 km to the south of Sinemorets on the way to Rezovo. This beach is a paradise for children because the sea becomes lightly deep. There is a beach pub and parking lot on „Silistar”. In spite of this, it has kept its native state totally surrounded by forest. The easiest way to reach from Sinemorets to „Silistar” is by car or by bike.
The names „Silistar” and “Listi” come from the Greek word “listes” – pirate. These names are given because of the pirate raids on these lands in the past.

The map below shows the entire Sinemorets with the location of “Karavida-2” Family House and the beaches mentioned above.

Weleka River

The Veleka River flows through Starndzha Mountain. Veleka’s water is one of the cleanest waters among the Bulgarian rivers. It is a habitat of many rare plant and animal species. The protected yellow water lily and marsh snowdrop are to be found here. Under the Veleka’s bridge near Sinemorets is a quay where you can go on a boat trip on the river.

Starndzha Mountains

Starndzha is a mountain in South-East Bulgaria and the European part of Turkey. The highest peak is Mahiada (1031 m), which is on the territory of Turkey. Starndzha was declared a Nature Park in 1995. Many rare plant and animal species are to be found here as the symbolic periwinkle of Starndzha. From the Starndzha region originates the folklore custom „fire dancing”, which is preserved now days in the villages of the mountain. In Starndzha Nature Park are well developed tourist routes for going on foot or riding a bike.

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